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What is the Three-Year Plan?

It is a strategic and economic policy document for all Public Administrations that oversees the digital transformation of the country.

The Plan defines:

  • the operational course of action in the development of public information technology;
  • the strategic model of the evolution of the PA information system;
  • ICT investments in the public sector according to the European and Governmental guidelines.

DPCM 17 July 2020

Approval of the Three-Year Plan for IT in the PA 2020-2022

Read the Plan

The pages of this site summarise the contents of the Three-Year Plan, divided into chapters and actions. The complete document was translated by Artificial Intelligence and is available online in a browsable version optimised for mobile devices, or in PDF format.

Do you need further information? Consult the FAQs, participate in the dedicated discussion forum or propose a change to the text on GitHub.

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