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Principles for the development of digital projects

The principles for the development of digital projects are considered fundamental for the realisation of the projects contained in the Three-Year Plan and, as such, are recommended.

The principles are arrangements both practical in nature - related to the project management - and with a contractual and administrative purpose (drafting the contract, defining the objectives and the procurement of resources.)

Additionally contained within the principles are the elements to be considered in the preparation phase of a digital project, such as:

  • a clear design of what is to be achieved. The design phase is essential for the success of the project and, in particular, in planning and implementing the services (service design phase). In this regard, please refer to the principles of Service Design of the Design Guidelines for PA web services;
  • a plan of how to implement the project, which includes the recommendations for the PA, as contained in the paragraph "13.2. Realisation of the project" (for example, appointing the Technical Project Manager, defining an MVP, opening up the data, etc.);
  • a launch strategy leading to the end users' adoption of the project. In defining this step, it is necessary to identify the simplest and fastest means, also having the least impacting, in order for users to start adopting the product, and to envisage a strategy that favours its incremental use, together with an effective launch and communication plan.
  • a plan to keep the system up-to-date, secure and effective over time, as well as to ensure its continued operation even in the event of malfunctions or disasters (evolution and maintenance).
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